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I saw three apps come sailing in, on Christmas Day on Christmas Day…

This Christmas Day marked yet another major sail app image 2milestone in the consumers move to mobile. According to data from mobile analytics firm Flurry, mobile app downloads increased 11% from Christmas Day 2012. This is considerably slower growth from 2012 when we saw a 90% spike in app downloads from 2011. But, Flurry also reported that during the first three weeks of December prior to Christmas, mobile downloads were up 25% from 2012.

What does this tell us??? How do mobile apps create a better customer experience?

Mainly two things. 1) Mobile devices and the counterpart mobile apps are becoming mainstream, and 2) consumers are using devices so often that they are downloading apps more evenly throughout the year.   Amazingly, the number of downloaded apps in 2013 is a mind boggling 102 billion according to Gartner.  The reality though, is that few people use more than a handful of apps consistently.

I often hear businesses consider building a mobile app – but the thing to think about is this… Do people want to download apps? Especially your app?  Or is there a better way for consumers to experience a mobile connection to your company?  What if your website was a mobile app?  It would be it’s easier for a consumer to use their smartphone to conduct search, and then simply click through to your mobile enabled website that feels like a mobile app.

These responsive designed sites built specifically for the device the consumer is using is the key to user satisfaction, customer service and a great customer experience. With download speeds on the rise and ubiquitous Wi-Fi access becoming available – it may be time to rethink your app development.

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