CX & Digital Assessment / Customer Experience and Digital Marketing Assessment

Start your journey to bring the connected customer experience to life.  At Core Blue we bring structure, business value and ROI to your customer experience and digital marketing decision making.

The CX Assessment.   Our Customer Experience Assessment hones in on the top priorities and provides the following:

  • Identification of the customer journeys that cause friction and impact retention and customer satisfaction.
  • Assess the combination of off-line experiences with the emerging on-line experiences that are more and more critical to support a future “connected customer.”
  • Objective perspectives on the maturity level of your organization to support world-class customer experiences.
  • Evaluation of customer experience strategies, organizational policies, employee incentives, customer experience metrics, management and culture.
  • Provide insights that brings visibility to the amount of transformation needed to fulfill a customer centric mindset and fulfill an Innovative Customer Experience and Digital Roadmap.

The Digital Essentials Assessment.  We quickly focus in on the most relevant capabilities needed to enable your customer experience including:

  • Your customer experience process including attract, engage, convert and retain your customer base.
  • Analyze the Search, Social, Content, Commerce, Metrics and Mobile capabilities of your organization as well as the IT capabilities to support communications and “triggers” that alert employees or promote communications to your customers.
  • Compare your digital trajectory to your emerging and mature competitors to provide a strategic future view of the market.
  • Understand misalignment between your digital plans and your business and IT strategies.

The end result of the Digital Essentials Assessment is clarity in the gaps and priorities to become a more competitive player and improve the customer experience.

CX and Digital Alignment

  • Identify Friction and Innovation Opportunities in the Customer Experience
  • Identify Digital Essential Capabilities;
  • Gain Clarity in the Maturity Level of Your Organization
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