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AMA Selections

AMA Selections is a luxury vacation rental company based in the French Riviera, often referred to as Airbnb for the extremely wealthy. They offer a premium platform experience to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences and holidays.

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What We Did

Web Development






AMA came to us with a working prototype built in WordPress. A lot had been learned by this system and much of our work had been defined through improvements to current ways of working, missing requirements or simply replicating what had already been implemented and working well. 

It was clear that the current system did not meet the polish and fine edge requirements their clientele would expect, particularly regarding performance.

This new system would streamline many of the manual processes AMA’s team undertook, allowing them to improve their marketing and increase their sales or value per sale. Data gathering requirements were defined to allow AMA to monitor their successes and adjust their approach on a near real-time basis, reporting data to their partners through the platform.

Like many holiday and rental platforms, AMA required complex pricing structures to be defined and implemented in a way that didn’t compromise performance. Clients should be able to find exact prices for properties, with the dates they defined, and without having to wait for long page loads. Behind the scenes, this required a lot of consideration.


 The development approach for the AMA platform involved several key steps and iterations to enhance its functionality and value. Here is a summary of the approach taken:

Early MVP Launch:
CoreBlue initially launched an early Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for the platform. This involved migrating AMA Selections away from WordPress while preserving essential capabilities that allowed AMA to function and generate revenue. The focus was on delivering a limited set of high-value features, allowing the successful launch of the platform and laying the groundwork for ongoing growth.

Major Phase Release:
Following the successful launch of the MVP, CoreBlue released another major phase of development. This phase introduced significant functionality to the platform, further enhancing its capabilities and value proposition. This iterative approach ensured that the platform evolved in meaningful increments, aligning with the evolving needs of AMA Selections and its users.

Ongoing Development Plan:
The development of the AMA platform is now in an ongoing plan, driven by CoreBlue. This includes continually scoping out new features and opportunities to expand the platform's capabilities. CoreBlue and AMA Selections collaborate to identify and prioritise new features, ensuring that each iteration adds value and aligns with the platform's strategic goals.

Iterative Approach:
The development plan follows an iterative process, focusing on major phases while continuously refining and improving existing features. This iterative approach allows for feedback from users and stakeholders to be incorporated, ensuring that the platform evolves in a user-centric manner.


CoreBlue has built a long-lasting relationship with AMA, we continue to deliver BAU engineering work as well as consulting to the leadership within the business.

CoreBlue continues to deliver innovative features to expand the platform, creating new management tools for the business as well as new or improved user experiences.


CoreBlue’s ability to engulf themselves in how our business works has given them a clear advantage in developing the features and processes we have defined. CoreBlue is receptive to feedback and worked with me to ensure we hold the platform to the highest standard, the quality of what has been delivered has been excellent.

Andrea Saliu