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Bank of Kigali

Bank of Kigali is Rwanda's largest commercial bank and is recognised as the bank of the people. With the vision to become a leader in digital banking.

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BK came to Coreblue with a vision, to empower Rwanda's top commercial bank to digital success through world-leading product innovation and future-proofing internal capability.

At the heart of the digital strategy is the ambition for BK to grow its consumer customer base from 400,000 to 1,000,000 over 36 months. BK recognised that they needed to move quickly and aimed to have this app launched within 18 months from start to finish.

BK created an organisation, Digital Factory, tasked with recruiting the right talent and delivering digital products with a very short turnaround. They needed a team of experts that could advise them on strategy and provide hands-on support in implementing these products whilst also empowering the new members of their team to build skills and capability and long-term knowledge retention.


Technical Leadership & Delivery
Coreblue digital management consultants and the executive team provided the bank's leadership with advice, ideas and programme management services to help deliver the executive team's vision.
We also delivered code, secure DevOps, testing and QA alongside internal bank teams providing accelerated development.

Empowerment and knowledge transfer
Coreblue's senior software and technical experts provided training, consultancy and pair programming to the bank's new digital team. Empowering them and upskilling them where needed to allow the bank's in-house engineering teams to succeed and implement innovative products for their users.


The Bank of Kigali mobile app was successfully launched on time in September 2022. The collaboration between engineers, project managers and technical leaders has positioned the Bank of Kigali as an innovative organisational leader using technology to improve the experience they offer to their customers.

After 2 years of planning and development, the Digital Factory provides significant value to departments across BK. A team of 80 designers, engineers, and strategists work hard on the design, development and deployment of applications across the range of services offered by the Bank. 

BK has transformed its digital experiences providing world-class digital services to its banking customers. The mobile app has also enabled BK to free up a number of in-branch employees to be redistributed into more efficient, long-term roles within the bank.


“Working with Coreblue, we’ve already achieved so much. We have a mobile app that we dreamed about and the interaction with our engineers has been great. We’re really hoping to build more products and onboard more people with Coreblue."

Obinna Ukwuani

Chief Digital Officer