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Engaged Communities CIC (EC), are a Plymouth based social enterprise, looking to develop a community-based volunteering platform that aimed to support communities, organisations and charities.

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EC was operating an existing volunteering platform based on WordPress, but it was limited in its capabilities and there was a great opportunity to improve the user experience. They needed a platform that was designed to scale and could deliver an exceptional user experience to both volunteers and organisations, supporting their vision: ‘to build world-class community technology that delivers social impact for our customers’.

EC needed a software partner who could help plan this product's delivery, define requirements and then build a marketable application that could help generate revenue with scale.


The partnership between our team and EC was a collaborative one, we took the time to understand the long-term vision of the platform and worked closely with EC to bring their ideas to life.

The cloud-first end-to-end platform offers a volunteer marketplace where organisations can access motivated volunteers, a volunteer management hub for Volunteer Managers to unite their entire team within one system, and an Employer Hub that supports businesses in the deployment of their employee volunteering schemes. This platform aligns the profit and purpose of organisations and helps them measure their social value.

When building any community-based software, ensuring the platform was secure, fast and reliable was going to be critical to its success. Working with a security-first approach and being Cyber Essential Plus certified, EC had the confidence that sensitive and personal information being held on this system, was safe.


Following the successful soft launch of the product to key stakeholders, we’re now working together to plan out the longer-term roadmap of the GoVolunteering platform. 

Coreblue is now gearing up to deliver on a phase 2 piece of work, adding new functionality and experiences for both organisation and volunteering users.


We have been very fortunate to have Coreblue on board. They have challenged us, filled the gaps and helped us build a better product, with huge potential. Right from day one, the team at Coreblue were invested in our vision. They took the time to understand the long-term plan for this platform and worked closely with us to bring our ideas to life. Their level of communication is outstanding, to the point it felt like they were part of our internal team, positively questioning our plans and steering us in the right direction.

Ann Holman