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Executive Nexus is a team of executive search, data and technology professionals. Their focus is to support world-class senior executives and leading private equity firms to build relationships of high mutual value.

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Executive Nexus sought a partner to take on the task of taking over its existing software platform, which was initially developed by another organisation. Their platform had been built as a prototype during an early startup period and was now ready to be matured and enhanced. 

Our role was to enhance the platform's functionality, security, stability, and scalability. We facilitated the handover process, now take responsibility for platform maintenance and collaborate with Executive Nexus to incorporate high-value features. 

The platform was built as a full-stack Laravel application serving the front end through configurable templates. Several VueJS components have been developed and integrated with the platform to offer dynamic functionality to users.


To support Executive Nexus, Coreblue adopted a phased approach. Initially, a work package focused on redeploying the platform on an AWS environment under Executive Nexus’ control was executed. This involved conducting a thorough audit of the platform to document code and deployment requirements and ensuring a seamless migration, including the transfer of all production data to maintain existing user access.

Once the platform was successfully migrated and back online, discovery sessions were conducted to collaborate with Executive Nexus and plan new features and enhancements. The audit findings also contributed to identifying areas for improvement.

During these discovery sessions, Coreblue worked with Executive Nexus to backlog and estimate new requirements, enabling budgeting and progress tracking. The engagement followed a retained development model, where Executive Nexus set a fixed monthly budget, ensuring a steady pace of development. Agile methodologies were still employed, with regular communication through daily standups and bi-weekly sprint reviews and planning sessions. Progress was assessed at the end of each sprint to refine estimates and minimise incomplete tasks.
This approach allowed for flexibility in prioritisation, balancing support for the live production environment with new feature development as needed.

As the platform matured, the engagement transitioned into a support-focused arrangement. This shift provided assurance and stability for the live platform while minimising costs associated with new feature development. Coreblue continued to provide ongoing support and maintenance for Executive Nexus, ensuring the platform's reliability and operational efficiency.


With Executive Nexus Coreblue has expanded our relationship to cover a range of wider responsibilities to drive the success of the Executive Nexus suite of products.

Enhanced Stability and Security
Coreblue successfully improved the stability and security of the platform. Critical functions that were previously reliant on fragile third-party implementations have been transitioned to a more robust in-platform approach. This shift has increased the platform's resilience and reduced its dependence on external factors, ensuring a more reliable user experience.

Strategic Business Meetings
As a result of our successful collaboration and technical expertise, Coreblue has been invited to join Executive Nexus in strategic business meetings. This demonstrates the level of trust and confidence Executive Nexus has in our partnership and highlights the recognition of our contributions beyond technical aspects. Our presence in these meetings allows us to provide valuable insights and support from a technical standpoint, aligning business goals with technological advancements.

Planning for New Products
Coreblue has actively assisted Executive Nexus in planning new products that will complement the existing platform. This collaborative effort showcases the expanded role we have taken on, going beyond platform maintenance and development. By leveraging our expertise and understanding of the platform, we have contributed to shaping Executive Nexus' product roadmap, enabling them to envision and execute new initiatives that align with their strategic objectives.


Coreblue's maturity and accreditations in security and quality give us the confidence to pick them as our partners. CoreBlue meets with our board in London, working with us to produce a roadmap for the company with strategies to make the most out of our investment in the platform.

Tom James

Head of Product & Operations