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Founded in 2016 by Lewis Boyles-White and Dan Hardman who wanted to bring together a team of technologists to empower change and create a positive impact on business and Government.

Guiding principles

Five company values shape the way we operate

We are a professional team

Our clients work in sectors where security, reliability and risk mitigation are paramount. Our collective approach is marked by the highest standard of conduct, expertise, and dedication to our work. Coreblue is ISO9001, ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus Certified. These certifications provide external validation of the professional standards to which the team hold themselves accountable.

Our Leadership Team

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Lewis Boyles-White


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Dan Hardman


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Olly Harrison


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Scott Helps

Head of Design

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Curtis Whitby

Head of Engineering

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Sarah Thistlethwaite

Operations Manager

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John Wright

Non-executive chair


Letter from our CEO


When Dan and I founded Coreblue in 2016, our dream was to forge a company to pioneer technology solutions for real-world challenges. Our journey has been one of passion and boundless curiosity, driven by the infinite potential that technology offers. Recent times have only magnified this potential, reminding us that the horizon of possibilities is ever-expanding - a true frontier. 

It’s an honour to be invited into our client’s business to work alongside them, helping to deliver some of the best-in-class software where it is critically relied upon. 

Our path has been graced with the privilege of partnering with clients around the world, including Europe, America, the Middle East and Asia, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge software into their businesses. We’ve both travelled to several clients in these areas, including multiple trips to Africa to support the launch of a new mobile banking application and into Europe to support our clients on the ground, shoulder to shoulder transforming visions into reality - and we’ve been able to have some fun along the way. 

Developing real solutions alongside our clients and seeing, first-hand, the impact of transforming business operations or breathing life into entirely novel products which open completely new markets has been and continues to be a privilege for the whole team at Coreblue.

If you’re in search of a partner who is not only invested in your technology vision but also committed to understanding your goals, consider working with Coreblue. We commit to being your collaborator, your advocate and a team dedicated to your success.

CEO, Coreblue

Our Offices

CoreBlue's Plymouth office

Plymouth HQ

6 Sandy Court, Ashleigh Way Plymouth, Devon PL7 5JX

CoreBlue's Bristol office


Station Approach Redcliffe, Bristol BS1 6QH

CoreBlue's London office


Unit 29, Finsbury Business Centre 40 Bowling Green Lane, London EC1R 0NE

Map of our offices

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