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Everyone who has purchased a property knows how painful conveyancing can be, both conveyancer and their customers must jump through hoop after hoop, built on an archaic set of laws, rules and traditions. ProConvey disrupts the industry with their state of the art platform.

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Web Development
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United Kingdom


ProConvey came to Coreblue with the concept of an onboarding platform for conveyancers and their clients.  They needed a trusted partner to build an MVP and guide their leadership team through the challenges of bringing a SaaS product to market. The app is designed for the buyer and seller side of the house sale process, streamlining the typically painful and laborious process whilst providing electronic document signing and ID verification services integrated into the onboarding processes.

ProConvey has ambitions to be the most secure platform for conveyancing available on the market, integrating with Blockchain technologies such as AWS Quantum Ledger and supporting features such as Liveness detection, to alleviate any concerns that naturally cautious conveyancers may have when adopting a new platform.


Leadership support
Coreblue leadership provided guidance and support throughout, including supporting fundraising, grants, hiring team members, guidance on technology company processes and operations as well as fractional CTO support.

Custom software development
We began by gaining a comprehensive understanding of the house buying and selling process through personal experiences and insights shared by individuals.

Coreblue created a high-performance application built as a GraphQL API written in Laravel PHP, acting as a central hub to serve a ReactJS SPA web portal for the main user base. Drawing down from this central API, an additional cross-platform mobile application was made in Flutter to support the secure onboarding of users through intelligent eKYC flows.

To benefit from existing solutions, we explored various third-party platforms for ID scanning, verification, and docu-signing. We delved into reviewing third-party APIs and developer guidance notes to assess the complexity, potential costs, and level of personalisation available, such as incorporating ProConvey branding on ID approval reports. This gave us the confidence to incorporate several existing technologies that proved more cost-effective and feature-complete compared with building entirely from scratch.

Additionally, we conducted deep research on dynamic form creation and creating best-in-class user experiences with forms, focusing on simplifying the journey for sellers when completing TA (Transfer of Agreement) forms. We introduced in-form information helpers to assist users in understanding the questions better and included the ability to incorporate infographics for improved clarity.

Throughout the development process, we conducted extensive user acceptance testing (UAT) and end-to-end user journey testing, ensuring trust could be established with the end customers of ProConvey from the get-go, without the risk of instability in early releases.


We have since expanded the scope of our work with ProConvey to include the development of a secure mobile application for ID scanning. This addition enhanced the overall functionality and security of the platform, providing a seamless experience for users.

ProConvey and Coreblue have built a strong and lasting partnership, building out an incredible initial product offering that will change conveyancing in the UK.


We are incredibly confident in their ability and have seen excellent results.

Chris Scantlebury

Managing Director